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AutoDock Mailing List

The AutoDock Mailing List is a great way to connect with the AutoDock user community and share experiences and ask for advice.

ADL, the AutoDock Mailing List, is intended for novice and expert users of the ligand-protein and protein-protein docking software suite of AutoDock, AutoGrid and AutoDockTools (ADT).

  • The mailing list is a community of people that have common interests in molecular modeling software related to docking and AutoDock, and are here for learning or helping others.
  • This list will provide a forum for users to share experience, to ask questions about things not covered in the documentation, and hopefully, to get answers to these questions. Questions may range from the technical to the scientific, but should be about docking molecules using AutoDock and its associated programs and utilities.
  • Discussion of any peer-reviewed publications that result from AutoDock’s use is to be encouraged.
  • The list will provide a great forum to exchange ideas, docking strategies and parameters, and scripts. In particular, readers are encouraged to share any Python scripts they have written for use with AutoDockTools (ADT).
  • Suggestions for new features are also welcome.
  • Announcements of new software versions and functionalities will be made on this list.
  • Anyone with questions about obtaining the AutoDock source code should read the AutoDock web page
  • Please note that AutoDock Mailing List is not moderated and Subscription to the Mailing List is required to post. Otherwise, postings from non-members are placed on hold.
  • Comments that are offensive, disrespectful or do not pertain to the direct purpose of the mailing list (see above) are not allowed, and users violating these rules will be banned without notice.

We would like to remind everyone that the Olson Laboratory is not funded to provide individualized support for AutoDock, so we cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered by us; however, the hope is that those who have experienced a similar problem before will be able to help others with the same problem, thanks to the emerging community of AutoDock users. At the same time, we will be able to improve AutoDock and continue to give back to the scientific community.

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