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ADFR software suite downloads

Version 1.0 rc1

Release Candidate version 1 of the ADFRsuite version 1.0 contains:

  • ADFR v1.2 and associate scripts
  • AGFR v1.2
  • AutoSite v1.0 and v1.1
  • ADCP v1.0
  • AutoGrid4.2
  • prepare_ligand
  • prepare_receptor
Platform installer installation mechanism
ADFRsuite 1.0 Linux 64 installer app chmod a+x ADFRsuite_Linux-x867_64_1.0_install


ADFRsuite 1.0 Linux 64 tarball installer See INSTALLING FROM TARBALL below
ADFRsuite 1.0 Mac OSX tarball installer See INSTALLING FROM TARBALL below
ADFR suite 1.0 Windows installer app double click on downloaded installer


  • The Commercial installation will NOT install the MSMS component for computing molecular surface. For a license to use MSMS in a commercial setting please contact Dr. M Sanner sanner at All current tools of the software suite are fully functional in both installations.
  • The default installation location is ~/ADFRsuite-1.0. If your home folder is not on a local disk we recommend changing the installation destination to a folder located on a local disk for better performances.
  • ADFRsuite provides a fully fledged Python interpreter (v2.7) that will be installed in the ADFRsuite-1.0 folder. This Python interpreter is insulated from, and will not interfere with, the default python interpreter on your computer. It can be invoked using ADFRsuite-1.0/bin/pythonsh.


# this example is for the Mac OS X tar file but applies to any of the tarfiles, Simply change the tar file and folder names

# unpack the tar file

tar zxvf ADFRsuite_x86_64Darwin_1.0.tar.gz

# step into the folder created by the unpacking step

cd ADFRsuite_x86_64Darwin_1.0

# run the installing script

# -s destinationFolder specified where to install the ADFR1,0 software suite

# -c specifies how to compile the pyhon files. use 0 for .pyc or 1 for .pyo

./ -d myFolder -c 0

Known Issues:

  • Linux-64 (with older versions of GCC):

ImportError: /usr/lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15′ not found (required by ADFRsuite-1.1/lib/python2.7/site-packages/


cd <InstallationDir>/ADFRsuite-1.0/lib