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NOTE: MAC users please note that out tools are not yet working under the Catalina OS so we would advise refraining from upgrading your OS. We send email to the user list once we ported the tools to the new version of the OS.

Thew MGLTools software suite was developed in the Sanner lab at the Center for Computational Structural Biology (CCRB) formerly known as the Molecular Graphics Laboratory (MGL) of The Scripps Research Institute for visualization and analysis of molecular structures. Navigation portlet on the left has links to downloads, screenshots, documentation section of this website where you can find more information about MGLTools. MGLTools comprises:

  • the Python Molecular Viewer (PMV), a general purpose molecular viewer
  • AutoDockTools (ADT) a set of PMV commands specifically developed to support AutoDock users
  • Vision, a visual programing environment.

These software tools are highly integrated and based on reusable software components implemented in Python and C++ (With Python bindings). The underlying Graphical Tool Kit is Tk.

While still widely used, we have shifting the development of our Graphical User Interfaces to Qt and we will gradually replace these tools with Qt-based versions. The first such new tools is AGFR, a tool for specifying, computing and visualizing AutoDock affinity maps.

The latest version of MGLtools is 1.5.7 which provides:

  • a redesigned dashboard widget
  • a sequence viewer widget
  • performance optimizations
  • new commands for superimposition and RMSD calculations