Lab Members

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Arthur J. Olson

Stefano Forli
Associate Professor

David S. Goodsell
Professor of Molecular Biology

Michel Sanner
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology

Michelle Wilson
Lab Administrator and Coordinator

Ludovic Autin
Staff Scientist

Brett Barbaro
Research Associate

Giulia Bianco
Research Associate

Jerome Eberhardt
Research Associate

Adam Gardner
Research Assistant

Anna Omelchenko
Research Programmer

Michael Pique
Computer Graphics Developer

Vera Prytkova
Research Associate

Diogo Santos Martins
Research Associate

Yuqi Zhang (Gary)
Research Associate

Remembering Ruth Huey

For those of us that knew her and interacted with her during her 23 years as a vital member of the Molecular Graphics Lab (now CCSB), the loss of Dr. Ruth Huey is deeply felt.  Ruth was an amazing colleague with advanced degrees in both biochemistry and computer science who contributed greatly to the growth and success of AutoDock over the years.  Her unassuming manner masked a keen intellect and sly but gentle wit that we all learned to appreciate as we got to know her.  She was important to the sense of family that has pervaded our lab, and she was always the first one to welcome new members.  She became the public face of AutoDock, by interacting consistently and graciously with the ever-expanding community of users, answering their questions, tracking down bugs and developing and testing new improvements to the code. Ruth was a highly accomplished scholar and scientist, whom we were most fortunate to have in our midst from 1993 until 2016.  A part of Ruth lives on in the code that continues to help scientists around the world. Google Scholar reports her AutoDock4 and AutoDockTools4 paper from 2009 has been cited some 13,800 times; and the rate of citation is still going up over time. She will be deeply missed.