Information about the spread of coronavirus is critical knowledge for personal safety and global response to the pandemic. In collaboration with SciCommMake 2020, an event hosted by SigmaXi and ScienceTalk, “New Ways of Living” explores the science of COVID-19, using art to provide friendly, intuitive and evocative windows into the growing body of information about how the virus is transmitted. The show is seeded with the work of V. Anne Burg and David S. Goodsell, and includes work from an international community of participants in the 2020 “CellSpace” sciart workshop. The show explores the science behind transmission of the virus, from the nanoscale details of respiratory drops, to the persistence of virus in our household environments, to the population-level mechanisms and implications of testing. Cross-discipline dialog informs the work of participating sciartists and creates work that bridges knowledge silos that span from the molecular to the human scale.