CellSpace: A Guided Workshop for Cellular and Molecular SciArt

Artwork from the Fall 2020 session of CellSpace is available as part of the “New Ways of Living” Gallery–take a look at the amazing work!

I’d like to thank everyone for their interest. We’re currently at capacity and beginning work, so we’re not accepting new participants. I’m hoping to do another session in early 2021.

Project for the Fall

We will be creating work to include in the art show “New Ways of Living: Understanding the Science of COVID-19,” which is currently being developed as part of SciCommMake. The show is currently being seeded with my work and the work of epidemiologist V. Anne Burg, and will explore the science behind transmission of the virus, from the nanoscale details of respiratory drops, to the persistence of virus in our household environments, to the population-level mechanisms and implications of testing.


Aug 30–Introduction, walk-through of my COVID19-related work, and discussion of SciArt storytelling

Sept 14–idea pitch, preliminary work, and feedback from participants

Oct 5–progress report and critique

Oct 26–portfolio share, critique and choice of work to show

Nov 5-8–presentation of final work at SigmaChi meeting

Workshop Resources

CellSpace Slack — this Slack channel will be used for ongoing discussion, sharing, and critiques

Scientific source materials are available on this website

Weekly office hours for presenting ideas and getting feedback will be on Zoom, announced on Slack


I unfortunately don’t have the resources to provide introductory instruction in molecular/computer graphics tools or painting/drawing techniques, so the workshop is most appropriate for people who have experience in the basics of scientific visualization and/or a personal art practice. The workshop will focus on getting the most out of your approach to sciart. If you’d like to join in this project, please contact me by e-mail (goodsell@scripps.edu).

Ground Rules

1) This is a space for creating. Participants should join with the intention of actively building their knowledge, technique and personal vision.

2) This is a safe space for creating. My goal is to provide a supportive and constructive environment to help each participant achieve their best work. I ask all participants to treat their colleagues in the project with this same measure of respect.

Welcome to CellSpace! I started this project after receiving several requests for internships that I was not able to host at my institutions. My goal with CellSpace is to create an environment for aspiring and growing SciArtists, where we can work together to hone our craft while building our own personal visions.

David S. Goodsell, August 2020